Rose Ariadne

I can't open the free gifts, there are errors or problems.

I'm so sorry you're having problems using some or all of the gifts.

IMPORTANT: The free gifts were not made to be installed on mobile phones, but we will be coming out with IPhone and Android apps for these soon.  Please use a desktop computer to install them. 

(However, keep in mind, my other Magkical products are all compatible with mobile phones...)

The gifts are working for most students, because they work with most computers. 

As you know, there are many different types of computers and software installed on those computers, and we are just limited in our ability to get into your system and figure out what's wrong.

The Divination Kit and eJournal are .air files, so make sure you have adobe air installed to use them.

It is here:

And the Witch Tales is a simple PDF ebook...make sure you have Adobe Reader installed.  You can get it here:

Even with those installed, a small percentage of computers simply won't cooperate...usually because they are old, or they have a piece of software on them preventing installation.

If you know someone good with computers, they may be able to help you use the gifts.

Best of luck, and I wish I could send Ash over tot your house, to personally help you...but unfortunately, even Magick can't make that happen! ;)

Here's his best effort to help you with almost any problem you could experience: