Rose Ariadne

I'm not getting Rose's free email newsletter anymore.

I'm so sorry you're not getting my free email newsletter anymore! 

My "Magick Friday" newsletter still goes out every Friday without well as my 7 day email mini course emails, etc.

There are a few reasons you may not be getting them.

1. They are going into your SPAM folder.  (Please add my email address to your WHITE LIST... ask your email provider if you need specific instructions on this.)

2. You accidentally unsubscribed from the list.  In this case, please re-subscribe here:

Click to subscribe to Rose Ariadne's free eMail newsletter.

3. There was a problem with your email service provider, and it has been "rejecting" Rose's emails.  You'll need to open a support ticket with them and forward one of Rose's old email to them and ask them to let them through.

I really hope this helps!