Rose Ariadne

I haven't received my Simple Spell Casting System eKit shipment yet.

I'm sorry for any confusion!  The Simple Spell Casting System eKit is actually a downloadable product.  There is nothing to ship.

You see, the reason all of this wonderful information is offered at such a low price is because it is ALL downloadable to your computer.

Then you can use it on your computer, and/or print it out.

There's nothing to ship...

Please check your email inbox, or your spam/junk folder to find your order confirmation email.

This email includes a link you can go to to download every component of the course, along with a video tutorial on how to do so.

If you cannot locate this email or your order link, please click any support link on this page to open a support ticket.

Make sure to include either your order number or your email address.

We will send your special download link and instructions.