Rose Ariadne

Can I get a printed copy of the Simple Spell Casting System eKit sent in the mail?

At this time, the course is only available as a download.

I wanted to provide something new, at a lower cost, so more people can have access to my teachings.

I’d love to have you get the Simple Spell Casting System eKit… but right now it’s only a digital download.

It is quite simple to use really.

If you are using a mobile device, there are mobile phone download links available for you as well on the download page.

If you do not have your "thank you email" that includes your download links, please click any support link on this page to open a ticket. 

Please let us know that you purchased the Simple Spell Casting System eKIT, and include your order ID or email address you used to place the order.

We'll send the link to you.

If you haven't ordered yet, please click here to see if it is for you:

All of my products come with a full 1 year money back guarantee. 

Once you receive it, if you feel it is not for you, open a support ticket for a speedy refund with no questions asked...