Rose Ariadne

Can you mail me a printed version of the course?

First of all we want to thank you for becoming a full student, it's an honor to help you reach your goals with Magick.

The purpose of the Instant Spell Casting System eKit has always been so that new students can immediately download it... and begin using it to start casting spells while waiting for the full course to arrive through the mail.

So, there isn't a printed version of the course.

However, it is very easy to print out the course for yourself once you download it.

You see, the course manuals are opened with Adobe Reader.  Once you open a manual on your computer, simply go to the "print" option to print it out on a printer.

The Book of Shadows uses Adobe Air to open, and there is an option to print out all of the spells on your printer from that software as well.

If you have any problems downloading the course, please let me know the exact problems or errors you are getting by opening a support ticket.